Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Disney On Ice

We took a quick trip to Milwaukee when Brian had to meet with clients in the area.  While there we took Finn and Lucie to Disney On Ice and told them that this summer we would be headed to Disney World. 

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Happy Birthday Dr. Suess!

There are so many fun Dr. Suess activities, especially now that I have found pinterest.  This year we enjoyed art projects, snacks, books, videos and writing projects.  We made hand print Thing 1 and Thing 2 and made a fish painting for One Fish, Two Fish.  For snacks we made jello and whip cream Dr.Suess hats, strawberry and string cheese hats and Thing 1&2 cupcakes.  Finn's favorite book was Green Eggs and Ham (even though he didn't not enjoy green eggs for breakfast) and he was so excited that he could read most of it on his own.  We started watching The Cat and the Hat movie, but switched over to the TV show. 

Don't cry because it's over. Smile because it happened.
Dr. Seuss


Finn played basketball for the first time this Winter.  Brian coached and I think they both had fun.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar Birthday Party

Our beautiful little girl is 2!  We had scheduled her birthday party for the weekend before her birthday but had to switch it to the next weekend due to weather.  Her favorite book right now is The Very Hungry Caterpillar so that was the theme of the party.  She loved her cake and had a great birthday.  The kids helped me make the birthday tablecloth with handprint butterflies and sponge painted caterpillars.  We had her favorite meal for lunch, macaroni and cheese and breadsticks.  We made a caterpillar cake and had the fruits the caterpillar ate in the book.  Favors were butterfly wings, butterfly tiaras and wands for the girls.  Little boys got bug catchers, bug nets and gummy worms.  Lucie wore her birthday cupcake skirt and sweater.  What a fun day!

Happy Valentine's Day

Finn's valentines for school.  They are heart crayons that we made.  They turned out very cute, but it took a ridiculous amount of crayons to make enough for his class.  

Birthday Girl!

Happy 2nd Birthday Lucille Caroline!

The day began with present opening before Finn went to school.  Lucie was so excited to get the fridge to her kitchen set!  Then we  met friends for gymnastics and lunch before coming home for a quick nap before her evening party.  That night her friends and Grandparents from Daddy's side came to celebrate her butterfly birthday party.  The little girls dressed up in butterfly wings complete with tiaras and wands.  She had a wonderful day!

SNOW (for a day or two)

This was a very unusual Winter with very little snow.  Last winter we had feet of the stuff and many days off school, this year we had a few late starts but not one snow day.  Unfortunately the days we did have snow were super cold and windy, but they did manage to get outside for a little play time.  Finn helped build a great snowman and taught Lucie to make snow angels.  Lucie liked being pulled around in her little sled. 

Happy New Year!

Happy New Years!
We celebrated New Years with friends and all of our little people made it to midnight!  We celebrated with food, drinks, noise makers and beads all while the kids played. 

Christmas Night

We were at my parent's house for Christmas Night.  Finn was thrilled with his wii game and Batman legos.  Lucie loved showing off her uggs and putting baby to sleep in her new crib.  It was a great Christmas!

Christmas Morning

Waiting anxiously while Mommy and Daddy make sure Santa came.  Lucille has no idea what is going on, but knows something fun must be to come if Finn is so excited.

Looks like they must have been a good little boy and girl.  Finn was thrilled with his playmobile water slide, Hotwheels wall tracks and wii game.  He also loved his sled even though he only got to use it once this Winter since we had a crazy warm Winter this year.  Lucie was thrilled with a stroller for her bitty baby and a pink kitchen!  The magic and excitement in their eyes was so much fun to see.

Happy Birthday Baby Jesus!

Grandma B. helped us celebrate the birthday of baby Jesus.  During the day we baked our cupcakes for our Baby Jesus birthday party.  We also have special hats, plates and napkins.  During this time we talk about the Christmas story and spend time making sure our kids now the true meaning of Christmas.  We read from our Bibles, do the What God Wants for Christmas activity and make birthday cards for Jesus. Grandma as able to go to Church with us this year, which I think we all enjoyed.   


Finn was responsible for pouring the milk for Santa this year.  Lucie helped to count out carrots for Santa's reindeer.

 Every year we make reindeer food (oatmeal and glitter) to give the reindeer a snack and make sure they don't miss our house.
One quick look before bed.